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We can tell our last email sparked something in you! 

 Yoga has a way of doing that! : )


We're offering THREE free 30 min. info sessions!

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SUNDAY SEPT 10th 12:00 PM 


Register for the program during one of the info sessions and receive $250 OFF!! 


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In the words of training alumni  

"My experience with NOW yoga teacher training was superb! Working with Wendy and Susan was a true gift. I became a clearer individual with a truer understanding of myself and the art of yoga. I now hold a deeper understanding of the practice at many levels. 


I feel well prepared to share this amazing practice with others as well as pass on the grace and beauty that is yoga. We laughed a lot and worked hard very hard. This challenge has helped me in many areas of my life including my personal yoga practice." *Namaste, Deirdre



"My initial expectation of yoga teacher training was that I'd learn more difficult yoga postures and perfect all of my positions. My time with Wendy was exceptional and it wasn't only about doing a perfect yoga posture. It went far beyond my expectations and what I had envisioned, and not only on a physical level. I tapped into an emotional and cerebral part of me which I had never explored before. I learned a lot about myself, the history of yoga, the culture of yoga and what it meant to me personally. It changed me on many different levels - how I engage with people, what food I'm eating, and creating more balance in my life. I never in my life wanted to try meditation, or would sit down long enough to do it, but I learned to do it and enjoy it. I'm still learning and have a very long way to go. I look forward to continuing this journey, which started for a very different reason, but I believe has led me to a better path." -Kelly


Benefits of the Program

  • Refine your physical practice 
  • Deepen your understanding of yourself and others
  • Enhance any skill set and learn the sacred tools and philosophies applicable to any trade, relationship, business and/or creative endeavor 
  • Expand compassion, empathy, patience and openheartedness 
  • Find like-minded community
  • Develop awareness to live a more conscious lifestyle 
  • Strengthen mind/body connection, feel stronger & healthier in your body


let intuition guide you


I'M READY to impact the world around me!!!





"My passion for yoga enticed me to take a teacher training. My intention was not to teach, but to lean more about the philosophy and anatomy aspect of the practice. I began teaching friends and started to pondering the idea of taking it to the next level and perhaps teaching at a yoga studio. I took a leap of faith and went for it. Never in a million years did I think I would make a career, doing something I love and own my own studio. I followed my dream, set goals and worked hard. I have created a life through my practice and teaching that is so rewarding and fulfilling. I feel very GRATEFUL"


You know when you leave Susan Hauser's class you feel better than when you walked in! You feel stronger, more capable to tackle your day. Imagine if Susan didn't take the leap... 





"I started practicing yoga every day and without a plan multiple opportunities unfolded. As life unfolds, one thing does lead to another. 15 years laters I share these practices daily because they profoundly changed my perceptions about myself, and the world around me."


Have you experienced Wendy's classes? She shares her knowledge, intuition and challenges students physically, mentally and spiritually. 

Practice with Wendy THIS WEEK:




Susan Hauser & Wendy Mederios Team Up

To teach, share and spread yoga love and knowledge. Join them for 

one of a kind learning experience. An immersion program meeting 5 weekends over 8 weeks, every other weekend.


If you break this amazing experience down it comes out to $13.75 an hour!!!! Truly a steal, for this level of yoga knowledge and experience!


$2500 cash

$2750 all major credit cards

 4 payments $687.50

*alternative payment plans avertible if needed


the details.

Sept 15-17 | Sept 29- Oct 1 | Oct 13- 15 | Oct 23-27 | Nov 3-5

  • Module 1:Yoga History, Philosophy, Sacred texts of Yoga, Yoga Ethics, Lifestyle, and Interpersonal and Personal study. 
  • Module 2: Technique: Asana, Meditation (techniques and styles), Pranayama (breathing techniques)
  • Module 3: Teaching Methodology: Teacher Labs, Instructional Technique, Demonstrations, Assisting, Teaching Styles
  • Module 4: Anatomy and Physiology of the physical body and energy systems
  • Module 5: Entrepreneurship of a the yoga instructor and the business of yoga. 

Early Bird Pricing 

Save $250

ends Friday 9/8

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What they are saying about NOW's community!

"This is the place to be.  Not only will you heal your body, but mind and spirit too.  There are no outsiders.  All are family here.  Susan Hauser is an inspiration...This place is my salvation!" - Maia K.


"I feel at home again and part of a wider community. Everyone is smiling when they are done and you are ready to face anything." - james c.


Upcoming Workshops & Events!

Yoga Foundations: Vinyasa 101

Sunday Sept 10th 12:30 - 2pm

Wendy Medeiros & Jasmine Smith


  • Visual demonstration & flow
  • Strong focus on alignment, technique & correct abdominals

Designed to refine the beginner, intermediate & 

advancer practitioner



Arm Binding, Arm Standing & Balancing Workshop

Sunday October 8th 2-4pm

Carla Herzenberg




Vinyasa Flow breaking down and working through arm binds and balances as we go. This will be

a powerful, challenging, fun and inspired practice! Come ready to sweat, ask questions and learn.

Find greater strength, stability, and freedom in your poses!

Correct alignment in your Binding will

  • Transform your daily practice and asana skill
  • Open the body, leaning out the muscles building immense strength
  • Protect you from injury
  • Allow you to incorporate Arm & Standing Balances into your daily practice