Meet Wendy

We are made of creative energy. We can contribute that creative energy with every breath, word, thought and action.




a true multi passionate creative has over 1000 hours and 15 years of industry certification and education .

Her job titles have included, but are not limited to:  singer songwriter, clothing  and costume designer, feline rescue  advocate and educator , diner waitress , studio owner,

yoga instructor

 Wendy Say's " the practices of yoga coupled with attention on intention brings forth truthful honest, or correct action, resulting  in growth tailored just for you."  Dharma in action . Wendy shares insights from personal experience with a profoundly creative well of approaches to her public, and private classes ,workshops,immersions retreats, and Teacher Trainings . Coining the phrase.

"Everyday Intuition guide us"

 within her first year of teaching she saw how others began to use the same phrase to close their classes .This was living proof that what we think, say ,and do, effects ourselves and each- other. She creates a place where you can come and be reminded of, and explore the potential of your creative energy.

We create , We experience , We grow